<< TSP-800A CineBox Surround Sound >>
Functional description
Design for LCD and plasma TV with optional built-in DVD players or Dolby decoder, and connects any external sound device (CD, DVD, VCD, iPod, game system, Computer)

Specification Description
¡»Stylish music system with its own characteristic of sound
¡»2 analog audio inputs 2RCA at rear
¡»LED display
¡»Full function remote control
¡»Treble and bass adjustment
¡»Wooden cabinet with high glossy finishing and high performance full range speaker plus a deep bass woofer response
¡»Patented S point virtual surround technology
¡»Optional Dolby decoder with SD/USB

Driver / Output
¡»front speaker: 2-1/2" full range x 2, 20w
¡»center speaker: 2" x 2 full range, 10w
¡»woofer: 4" , 30w
¡»Dimension: 940 x 120x 180 (W x H x D)mm